Infinity Heart Tattoo

I got my first tattoo ever by Maya Kubitza on the 14th of May 2019.

While getting the ink punched under my skin, I thought about documenting the healing process of the tattoo, so you can see the results here. I’ll talk some more about the meaning of the tattoo later in this post.

The first two pictures were taken about three hours after the tattooing was finished. You can very well see the oozing of the fresh wound in the first and the swelling in the second picture.

The next pictures was taken three days after tattoing. The skin is starting to peel around the lemniscate of the Infinity Heart. In the three pictures after that (taken a day later) you can then see the peeling in „full effect“.

The inifinity heart has a very special meaning to me: It represents me being polyamorous. As I don’t like the often used version where the lemniscate is laid in front of a full symbolized heart, I sketched my own design. I wanted to have the rainbow colors included from the beginning to represent my queerness, the idea for the design of the rainbow as it is now under my skin came from Maya.

In the last two pictures you can see the tattoo on the 8th of July, 25 days after I got it. The colors are not as bright as right after tattooing, which is to be expected.