Night Photography

I’ve been to the countryside with my parents those last few weeks. Light pollution is way less severe over there than in Berlin, so Isa and I took the opportunity get some images of the night sky.

As there are three wind turbines near their place, they are the main feature in some of the images. Therefore, this shoot is divided into multiple series of images.

You can see a lot of technical imperfections in the images. Despite that, I still want to share them here.

Exposure times of the images are between 1.5 and 6 minutes.

A shooting star

During the six hours we were outside that night, we saw plenty of shooting stars. I managed to capture one in camera in what would otherwise be a bit boring of an image.

A shooting star in the night sky above a forest

Wind turbines

The three wind turbines make excellent objects in a image as they have a distinct look from far away. Getting closer and with perspectives becoming more and more extreme, the images in this series make for very different vibes.

The first three images are taken from below the turbine you can see in the last three images.

East to North

The following images are a sweep from East to North. You can see Venus as the brightest „line“ in the sky in the first picture (directly above the clouds on the left side of the image).

In the last image, you can see Ursa Major in the top left and Polaris in the top right third.

Clouds in the sky

This series shows the movement of the clouds in the sky. The first and last image were taken about 30 minutes apart.