Flyerservice Hahn

During the election campaigns for the elections in Germany on 26th of September 2021, the German activist group “Zentrum Für Politische Schönheit” (“Center for Political Beauty“, abbreviated ZPS) got active once again.

They offered to distribute election materials, mostly flyers to multiple chapters of the party “Alternative für Deutschland” (AfD) under the cover of a fictious company named “Flyerservice Hahn”. The AfD is a far-right party that is widely critisized and often called a right-wing extremist party.

The AfD delivered about 72 tons of materials to the Flyerservice Hahn. As the ZPS told the customers of the Flyerservice on the Tuesday before the election, they unfortunately “couldn’t distribute the materials”.

On September 30th, the ZPS invited to an “open house” where they presented about 30 tons of the 72 tons of campaign materials they got delivered by the AfD. All pictures in the following series are from this “open house” event.

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